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KevTEC Exclusive Clear Hood
Impact Test


Watch the impact test demonstated by us to have a taste of our exclusive clear hood in terms of its damage resistance. Won't it break? Absolutely no! No worries.

All KevTEC products are made of high quality Carbon Fiber fabric by using our in-house developed high techonology machines plus Vacuum Resin Infusion and High Pressure Thermal Forming technology and coated with special "Polymer-Composite Complex" instead of lacquer.


Due to this specialty, we at KevTEC Malaysia proudly present 1-to-1 exchange  warranty for 1 year with every product bought directly from us!


KevTEC Malaysia guarantees all of our products will provides:

Why KevTEC?

1) Never "Yellowing" Surface

2) Very Glossy Surface

3) High Scratch Resistance

4) High Chemical Resistance

5) Protection Against Ultraviolet (UV)

6) High Heat Resistance 

KevTEC Drag Racing Max Fever 2015
Featuring KevTEC Exclusive Hybrid Hood


KevTEC Exclusive Hybrid Hood shining in it's glory! A perfect harmony between KevTEC's Clear Hood and KevTEC's Pure Carbon Fiber.

KevTEC Exclusive Clear Hood
Impact Test - Customer


Watch the impact test recreated by a customer over at Thailand on a Drag Race day! Take the challenge to stand on it and it won't break!

KevTEC Exclusive SuperMAX Hood
Durability Test


Watch the durability test demonstrated by us for our upcoming SuperMAX Ultra Durable Carbon Fiber Hood! Only from KevTEC.

KevCUSTOM Complete Car Project
Lancer EX


Lancer EX takes a spin at KevTEC Thailand and got an awesome new look. Fully packed with KevCUSTOM parts!

KevTEC Project No. 001
Lancer EX - Panda


Join our ride to experience the look and feel of Panda fully loaded with KevTEC goodness. You can have yourself the same too!

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